A New Design

My best friend Lindsey is serving as a missionary over in the Philippines. I created a website for her last summer and this weekend did a major overhaul of the design.

She's doing amazing work over there, and I thought y'all might want to take a look. (And let me know if anything looks wonky.)

Living by Faith


Kansas Bob said…
Nice job! What software did you use?
stephanie said…
Well, I had no idea how to design a webpage, so I chose to go with Yahoo Small Business hosting. They have a software called Site Builder that I taught myself to use. It's a lot like InDesign and I use that every day at work... so it's wasn't too hard to make the adjustment. It's not terribly user-friendly, which is my big complaint. (It drives me nuts that there are no rulers on the side to guide you when you are trying to line items up!)

But it was the best option given my lack of a software like Dreamweaver or GoLive. Maybe someday...
It looks great! I am just learning how to do a webiste via Dreamweaver its fun but not easy. Someone gave me the software, no way could I afford it myself.

The only thing on her site is that I could not get any of the links to work....maybe you have not done that part yet?
stephanie said…
Thanks Barbara.

I have done all the links. I've tested them in Safari and Firefox and they are fine. What browser are you using?

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