Funny Ha-Ha?

I took this at 3:30 this afternoon. This is what our parking lot looks like.

Our building has solar panels - this is a side view.

Mother Nature's Cruel Joke?

(...I think it's a little funny. Notice I said "a little".)


But...its April.

It was 89 here today :(
steph! said…
I don't even have to tell you how I feel about this weather.
Kansas Bob said…
It was 90 here in KC today!

Well, not really.. I had to one-up Barbara.. those California girls get all of the great weather :)

Guess I should be happy our rain has not been snow.
stephanie said…
This? Is precisely why I left Colorado Springs. I was sick of snow in April. And I like snow.

It was nice and heavy... even inspiring a small snow ball fight during work hours. So not all was lost, but 89? I'm so jealous.
Anonymous said…
just got a very nice comment from you on my post "maybe redemption has stories to tell" and wanted to invite you over to my new blog to see more recent posts,
You're right, the redemption post was very much inspired by Switchfoot!

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