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Elsewhere in blogland: Tony at don't call me veronica has an interesting post titled "stuff pastors don't talk about". I found his respond to Women's role in the church and home particularly short and sweet:

"A woman's role in church and home is to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength - and second, to love their neighbor as they love themselves.

Oddly enough, this is the same role a man is to have.

Wouldn't it be great if we lived that out? And as we did, wouldn't we find that we were complementing each other in such a way that we felt like an equal, not because we were the same but because the two had become "one flesh?"


Perhaps complementarianism and egalitarianism aren't competing ideas after all."

Commenting Policy

Sorry, everyone. Due to an unfortunate comment situation that happened yesterday, where some derogatory, inappropriate and very un-Christlike comments were made, I have now disabled anonymous comments, and enabled comment moderation.

Not a big deal for most of you wonderful people who read this faithfully. For me, however... well, but I just never wanted to go there. I hoped to create a place where differing views from mine or others are welcomed and not an exercise is tearing one another down unnecessarily, without moderation or needing an account. I've been blogging for over 3 years now and have never had a situation where I felt this was needed. But when someone attacks the character of a person they don't know, that is unacceptable to me.

All that said, I am taking a adapting a commenting policy from Shane over at Caffeinated Thoughts: Thanks, Shane.

-It is perfectly okay to disagree with me,and that isn't why I deleted the comments I did - though he/she might think that&…

Why I'm Happy, Why I'm Not Satisfied


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So We Do Not Lose Heart

My friends the Browns are in Africa with AIM. Andy works with On Field Media and here is there most recent project, a short film about the need for theological education in this war-torn country.

I'm so proud I can hardly stand it. Andy is so good at what he does, and he captured the heart of the Rwandan people in a very moving way. (Oh, and the cinematography isn't too bad either.)