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I am linking up for Five Minute Friday a five minute free write with a word prompt each week. Today’s prompt is “Depend.”

Being single stinks.

I know some people who think we have it so easy without a husband, "you must have so much time". Without kids, "that's why you still look so young for your age" people say.

They are just pushing the knife deeper in to my wound.

While those things hurt, I think the hardest one for me is having no one else I can depend on. I learned a long time ago that I had no choice but to depend on myself. So I change my own tires, I hang my own pictures, I put together my own furniture, I pug in my own heavy packages, I take out my own trash. I have to do it all by myself.

I don't consider myself a particularly lonely person. I'm introverted, so I don't need people around all that much. Every once and a while, though, I come home after a rough day and really wish I had someone to be with. Someone w…


I really don't like this word. Noting specifically came to mind about it when I first learned of the prompt. 


except that I thought "I really don't like this word."

I'm not good at accepting what life brings me as enough. I always think, know, believe, wish for more. As if iIwere entitled to more than what I'd been given.

This gets messy, you see, because I don't believe in accepting the status quo. "No acquiescing!" I cry in my heart. We are called to be more! We must push forward.

That also can make me terribly ungrateful for what I've been given.

There is such a tension in this. The already and the not yet. We are called to more - it's part of the molding and shaping into the image of Christ. Yet we aren't there yet and that leaves us discontent. Unsettled. We aren't accepting. Should we?

What are we called to accept? What are we called to love as it is? And what are we called to be unsettled with, to push past? I'm think…