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Thoughts I Had During "Fall" - a Gilmore Girls Reflection


Wow. Is it ever disconcerting to have Lorelei not in Connecticut.

I feel like I should say something about the “the pack is too full” bit. But it’s not really all that funny to me.
Has the book (movie) really spawned this whole culture of women doing this trail thing?
“Of being dressed like this?” I love Lauren’s line reading here. I don’t know why I find it so funny. 
That hat is so Lorelai.
Jason Ritter! But I wanted more from that scene.
Rory in that red dress and jean jacket? So cute.
Wow. Luke is a hot mess without Lorelai.
The whole laptopper/coffee house/headphone/no talking thing is kind of freaking me out. Have we really devolved this far since 2005?
Really? The movie girls brought the laptop on the hike? 
Ok, considering these girls are “the book” why are all the questions about relationships or drugs? Does no one remember the REAL reason Cheryl needed to do the hike? I mean, I guess there were other reasons, but it was really about her and her mom.
I love that they had Esther say …

Thoughts I Had During "Summer" - a Gilmore Girls Reflection


Weirdest beginning ever. Very out of character and off-tone (is that a thing? I’ll make it a thing.)

That music cue is very weird.
Wait, since when does Stars Hollow have a pool?
Oh, yes, well, Daniel also wrote this one. So that explains the intro.
Zach looks 60 years old.
Ugh. April.
That hat… can you say ganja? She followed Luke’s penchant for Reggae (obscure reference…)
German Silent Films. Right.
Lorelei’s hair is cute here.
The cheese thing. Oy. These two with the avoidance.
Why in the world would April be having a panic attack? Why would she lie about meeting Noam Chomsky? This is dumb.
“Rory’s got it.” This might be the first time I felt like Luke and Lorelei were actually parents. This moment made me feel like this kind of thing has happened before between their daughters. Nice touch.
Ugh. Logan.
Two “ughs” in the first 8 minutes does not boad well for this episode.
Rory asking Logan if she can come to early. Ouch. This is so uncomfortable.
“Figure it all out”???? I know I’ve said it,…