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"What to Expect?" - some answers.

Courtesy of Tony over at don't call me veronica, I found this interesting post:

What to Expect?

Intrigued by his questions, I thought I'd make a post of it and see what came out.

The questions I have for you seasoned and experienced (or fresh out of the box)church workers are:

what am I getting myself into?
what makes ministry worth it?
should I EXPECT junk or take it as it comes?

I've been a church worker for nine years, seven 1/2 as a [paid] part-time employee. There's are some things in the inner workings of the church I'm not privy to because I'm only a part-timer, but I know more than many because of my working relationship with the senior pastor. I'm sure he says things to me he wouldn't say to others, because he trusts me - and the same goes for me trusting him. I'm lucky to have the relationship with him I do. So many church workers don't and I realize what a huge blessing that is…

O Come All Ye Twisted?

I'm holding my sides in laughter, trying not to fall off my chair.

Pop Culture Quote Monday

Where the lights from the Christmas tree blow up the tellyHis face closes in like an old pork chop
Good luck. This one isn't easy.

It's Beginning to Feel...

...a lot like Christmas.

Pop Culture Quote Monday

I can't believe my grandmother actually felt me up.

I had to do it. Sooner or later. One of the funniest and most uncomfortable moments in movie history.

It's Christmas Time

Tonight was my first foray into Christmas shopping for the season. My friend Angie and I made plans to have a girls night out and braved the mall scene.

I rarely go to to mall here in town. Not because it doesn't have a lot of options, but because I prefer to shop at local places or smaller specialty stores. Much to my surprise and delight, Grow Nebraska is now renting space at the mall. Their mission "is to maximize the state’s entrepreneurial and small business spirit. " I have a few friends who are part of Grow Nebraska, and have nothing but the highest of compliments about how it's helped them in their business.

Angie was looking for a couple of things - a $10 gender-neutral grab bag gift (They are celebrating at Thanksgiving this year, so she's starting early) and a gift for her grandmother, a woman she describes as "having everything". I struggle with gifts like these, so I wasn't much help to her. A $10 gender neutral gift isn't easy to f…

A Small Glimpse

Tonight I got a small glimpse into my life if am able to go into full-time ministry. And it was good.

Wednesday has been church night for me for as long as I can remember. AWANA, youth group, praise team rehearsals, you name it I've done it. Tonight I was there for three reasons: the typical - praise team rehearsal. We meet at 8:15 once youth group is over because our drummer is still in high school. I was also there because the AWANA commander asked if I would lead "counsel time" tonight, which is a short 10 minutes lesson for the kids. Then I was working with some high school students on a sketch they are doing (see the bottom video on my side bar - we are re-creating that).

Counsel time was fun. I did a simple lesson about God's word being a lamp unto our feet and a light until our path by cutting stones out of paper and making a pathway. I talked about how we don't always know which stones to step on because they can be wet and slippery. Then we turned the lig…

The WGA Strike

I was talking with a co-worker today regarding the writer's strike. I asked her if she knew what it was about, and she said, "They just want a bigger salary, right?"

No, actually, that's not right.

If any of you download an episode of The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, etc. - either from iTunes (where you pay for it) or from, where it's free - the writer's don't get a dime. The studios call this "promotional material" and are getting away with not offering residuals for the people that created the product. Promotional? I don't think so. It's estimated that digital downloads create over a billion dollars worth of revenue per year. And the writers of those shows DON'T SEE A DIME.

Join the writer's strike by not downloading anything until the get what is due them. It will be there when the strike is over... you just might have to wait a while to see it. And the short videos I've included below give great explanations.…
Eric over at the merge posted this today. Thought you would all enjoy it. Sometimes it's good to have a reminder like this now and then. (And sometimes I wish I could get the people in my congregation who don't like the new OR old music I lead to understand this.)

Pop Culture Quote Monday

"Safe, no he's not safe, but he's good".

From a book that was eventually made a movie. One of my favorites, actually.

Bracing Myself

Today I had an admissions interview with Covenant Seminary.

After the disappointing financial aid package I received from Bethel Seminary, I went through a sort of "grieving process". My heart was set on Bethel for a number of reasons, and when I received a total of $600 in financial aid for a school that would cost $60,000, there was no way I could go. My five stages:

Denial: They are kidding, right? There is no way this package is "need-based". I'm just getting so little because I applied late. A phone call to the financial aid office set me straight. That was all the planned to offer me.

Anger: You've got to be kidding! This is ridiculous. Who can afford to take out that many loans? Is this because I'm a woman? Because of my age? Because I'm from Nebraska? No one said grief was a rational process. (I didn't really think that last one, but right now it feel appropriate to be a martyr in this state. Sorry little Huskers.)

Bargaining: Okay, God. I g…

Pop Culture Quote Monday

It's a movie this time...

Noelle: Disappointment doesn't kill
Abby: Right... rejection kills. Disappointment only maims.

Defining Moments

As I "prepare" to enter my third year of blogging, I decided to reflect back on the past two years of writing. With life's typical ups and downs, I'm so glad I stared this experience so I have those defining moments to look back on. Reading some of my old posts was a little shocking, because I can't believe I was that honest with myself. And I realized just how much writing about these ups and downs brought insight and clarity to my heart and my head.

Never Underestimate God
Repair or Replace?
Being the Better Person
Being Someone Who Matters
The Shield of Faith
Landmarks and Going Through the Motions
Not Being Good Enough
Little Reminders
Small Victories

These aren't my best posts, or even my favorite posts. They are what I consider "landmarks" in my walk with Christ, and a record of the attempt to live out my life in the best way I can.

I have this blog to remind me of where I was, and just how wonderful it is to be where I am now.

I don’t believe You…