Click here. Listen for 54 seconds. Then come back.

WHO IS THE PRODUCER OF THIS SONG? What kind of music professional allows a song to be recorded with the vocalist singing "tuh" instead of "to"? Especially when it's in the title of the song!!?!! Bad. Bad. Bad.



Kansas Bob said…
I liked the song.. but I am tone deaf :)
stephanie said…
The song is fine, her tone is fine... but her pronunciation? Inexcusable.

The original recording of the song ruins any other cover of it for me. Click here for a listen. Hang until 2:38, it will blow you away!
Kansas Bob said…
I got this message..

"The URL contained a malformed video ID."

..when I clicked for a listen.
steph! said…
I guess what's more annoying to me, (I'm sorry, I mean annoying tuh me) is the fact that the song sounds so generic I can't even remember the words OR music - and I just listened to it 30 seconds ago! It's about as memorable as a Matchbox 20 song.

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