2007 - a look back

What I learned in 2007... HT to Barbara for the idea.

I learned that God can change me, even when I least expect it.

I learned that forgiveness isn't about excusing the sin, it's about saying the sin mattered, it hurt, and that I have to move on for my own mental health.

I learned that courage is directly tied to faith. (I really already knew this, but I learned to look at it in a different way.)

I learned how much I missed my friends from college once I joined facebook and they all came out of the woodwork.

I learned I'm way more liberal (politically) than I originally thought I was.

I learned that ice storms are particularly scary.

I learned that Iron Chef America is the single most delightfully ridiculous 1 hour on television.

I learned that ministry is something I not only enjoy, but need to have in my life.

I learned, most of all, the importance of our connection to one another.


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