Monday, December 31, 2007


Huckabee's Remarkable Play

My cousin over at confession of a slacker mom made her decision a while back to support Huckabee in the coming election, and I had the chance to hear her reasons why over drinks at Christmas time. (The only time I stand to talk politics. The drinks part, not the Christmas part.) I still haven't made my choice yet, but I found this turn of events rather interesting.

Brilliant play or strategic political savvy? I'm leaning towards the latter - maybe I'm just too cynical to believe he really had a change of heart.


Kansas Bob said...

I call him Hucka-Bush.. he acts a bit too much like a compassionate conservative I once voted for :)

That said.. I think that I could vote for him.. eventually :)

Happy 2008 Stephanie!

stephanie said...

I've heard that comparison as well. I think what I was read "Huckabee is simply Bush on crack."

We'll see. 2008 poses to be a very interesting election year. I think what happens tonight will tell us a lot as well.