The New Highlight of My Week

I finally broke down and got myself cable tv. I decided to stop bothering my friends and save myself the $1.99 charges from iTunes. Yes, I've finally entered the 19th century, even if it is a little late.

So for the last few weeks I've been flipping through channels and I paused to watch Iron Chef America. And all I can say is - why did I wait so long to get cable?

Seriously, this show is the funniest thing I've ever seen. From the stadium lights to the camaras on cranes to my delightful glee in seeing Ted Allen as a judge (Whee!) to watching Bobby Flay cook with chocolate (isn't his thing BBQ?)... I'm in love.

But it's the hilarious music and the "sports-like" commentary are truly what make me laugh. I mean, it's a cooking show! And they are treating it like it's the NBA finals! Alton Brown sends us off to commerical, while checking his computers screens as if checking statistics on the players. Come on, that is seriously funny. And when the "chairman" waves the proverbial flag to start the 60 minutes? I'm in stitches, cracking up all over the place. I could make fun of this show for the rest of my life and never tire of it.

It rocks my sauce. I love it.


Kansas Bob said…
The first 6 months of the Food Channel was fun - watched Emeril about every night and liked Rachel Ray 30 minutes meals ... but after 6 months I had to tune them out ... a bit too much ... and don't get me started on Iron Chef :)
Scott said…
That show absolutely RULES!!

Julie and I watched battle chocolate last night...oh man. Gotta love the gray-haired-critic-guy who hates the world, too.
stephanie said…
Bob - I haven't watched RR or Iron Chef. Now I'm a little afraid to.

Scott - I KNOW! Wasn't that awesome?
bfine107 said…
I think I'll wait for cable a little longer
"rocks my sauce"

i can die happy now.
stephanie said…
vlr - It has now made it into my regular vocab. My co-workers think I'm nuts. Of all people, I know you would enjoy hearing that.

Ariah - I would wait too. It's a major time-sucker. I'm an inch away from throwing a towel over it.

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