Christmas Confession

I'm a total geek, I must confess.

I was baking Christmas cookies at a friends house and he had a mixed CD of Josh Groban Christmas songs playing. "O Holy Night", the best traditional Christmas song ever written in my opinion, was on the CD.

And it made me cry. I'm such a geek. I actually like a Josh Groban song. I just can't blame it on hormones or sugar or anything else in that realm. I just liked it.

Let the heckling commence.

(I will put "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" right up there on my list of best traditional Christmas songs. I am a sucker for Longfellow.)


Landon Whitsitt said…
You are the second person* this week to tell me a similar story about the same song. Be not ashamed.

*the other was a "tough guy."
stephanie said…
Dang! I was hoping that second person was you. Now THAT would make me feel better.
LOL! Don't worry, you still seem like a very cool person :)

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