And the Award Goes to...

For the lamest, most insensitive newspaper quote ever: the award goes to Lt. Dennis Lewis of the Kearney Police Department.

Kearney's longest known transient died last weekend after being hit by a pickup. And what does the police department have to say about it? "It's like the end of an era."

No, it's the end of a life, you idiot.

Rest the rest of the story here.


ptg said…
I cry for the language.

It was like an end of an era, and I was like, surprised, you know. So the whole town is like, "What will we do for a town bum now? And us cops are like wondering if we like even need one, know what I'm saying?
stephanie said…
What's sad is that's probably what he said. The beloived Kearney "Flub" just used the lesser of two evils.

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