I'm in a Waterdeep Mood

An all Waterdeep mix is on my ipod. I cannot help but empty my head of the crap that's filled it today, sit back and let the mellow wash over me. Ah, how I've missed them. Please get back into the studio someday, Waterdeep.

Speaking of music, I heard yet another cover of yet another worship song on the radio today. If I hear another version of "You're Worthy of My Praise" "In Christ Alone" "Shout to the Lord" "Above All" "Breathe" or "God of Wonders" I will throw up. As great as our God is, why do we keep recycling the same songs over and over again? There is so much more about him that has yet to be written.

I will happily drift away to the sound of Don's voice.

"... I finally found the way to live. In the presence of the Lord..."


bfine107 said…
I LOVE waterdeep. I listen to Don and Lori all the time
stephanie said…
You have very excellent taste... :) I hope you are having/had a good vacation this week!

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