Pop Culture Quote Monday

I feel God in this Chili's tonight.

Who said it and what's it from?

... I should really make these harder.

Dang it! Say it with me everyone "_____ ______ _____ _____."


steph! said…
Of course, Michael Scott said it at the Dundie Awards ceremony. While Pam was getting wasted. I believe he also gave Ryan a sweet ass award, or hottest office hottie or something equally inappropriate. Oh Michael, I always end up feeling so embarrassed for you.
stephanie said…
Well... you're only half right. :( Obviously it was the Office and you got the episode right, but it wasn't Michael that said it. It was someone else.
steph! said…
Wow! Yay you, you stumped me. I was sure it was Michael. Dammit.
Kansas Bob said…
I love The Office and am glad to see it in syndication because I didn't catch the first season.. which probably explains why I can't get your riddle :)

So, give us the answer already!
stephanie said…
It was Pam... when she gave her acceptance speech for getting the "whitest sneakers" Dundie. She was a little wasted... which explains the comment.

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