Monday, October 22, 2007

Pop Culture Quote Monday

The guys at work have this thing with me - they are always quoting something, usually movies, to get me to guess where the quote is from. Today the quote was from The Jerk, which I didn't know and it killed me.

And all day I had Elton John's Tiny Dancer in my head. All day. (I really love that song.) Then I sang it the wrong way...

Hold me close young Tony Danza

Thus was born a new idea: Pop Culture Quote Monday.

So, readers, what are the wrong lyrics from and who said it?


steph! said...

Phoebe! I believe she also called it the greatest love song ever....Also, when I saw Elton in concert and he sang "Tiny Dancer" IN PERSON all I could think of was Tony Danza. It was awesome-tastic.

stephanie said...

Stop. You're making me jealous. But getting a garbled message on my voice mail of Benny and the Jets makes it a little better.

Only Lisa Kudrow could make a line like that credible.

ptg said...

Elton John? What is wrong with you girls? He's nothing but a perverted materialist who can play the piano.

stephanie said...

Well, this is one of the ways you and I disagree ptg.

ptg said...

OK. I commented without thinking and was quick to judge, though I know better.

I'm an old man, my first record was a 45 RPM of Bill Haley and the Comets doing "Rock Around the Clock". For all I knew then, Bill Haley could have been a satanist.

Gosh if I know what kind of man Elton John is in his heart. He is extremely gifted, but his act gives me the willies.