The Storm

I haven't said anything about the major ice storm that hit our area (the second one) New Year's weekend. There are still several people without power that I know of, and they are being told up it could still be two more weeks. I took these photos last Thursday, after the ice had melted in 40-50 degree weather for three days.

Some bushes coated with ice.

One of the many tree limbs in my front yard that cracked under the weight of the ice

A randon piece of ice that fell off a tree limb. (Remember this is after melting in 40-50 degree weather for three days.)

A tree split in three parts. It's kind of amazing

These links show a lot more because they were taken on a sunny day. They really give you a taste of how bad it was here.

Why I Was Without Power Last Saturday and Sunday

Ice Coating a Fence

Ice Coating on Wire

A Shocking Amount of Ice

Fallen Power Lines

Good Old Highway 34

Several More Freaky Pictures Here

Enjoy the beautiful destruction of ice...


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