I stand and look around an empty place...

What I'm listening to: Canticle of the Plains

Last Sunday I went to clean my old place. To make it new and shiny for the next inhabitants. Start in the back, work toward the front. Top to bottom, work in a circle. I've always been taught that's the way to go through and clean a house. And somewhere in the middle of it all, I had to pause.

I spent the last five years in that place - where some pretty amazing things happened to me. Those pretty amazing memories criss-crossed in my brain as I scrubbed and wiped. Smiles crossed my face and all that. But more than anything, I actually took pause.

I've never grown emotionally attached to a residence before. Perhaps it's not so much attachment, but for the first time when I moved out of a place I actually stood and looked around after it was empty to say goodbye. It was so obligatory - done without thought as to why. Like I couldn't help myself.

God took me to a different place when I lived there. A place I never expected. Through pain and healing, through love and heartache, and very unexpectedly, though restoration. I am thankful. How could I ask for more?


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