An appropriate post from Jan at the view from her (I'm particularly fond of #5, #8 and #14):

Reasons I love living in the U.S.A. on our 232nd birthday:

1. The 4th of July. Barbecue, parades, sparklers, fireworks.
2. We have the prettiest flag.
3. You can drive anywhere without asking permission. Even across state lines. And stay as long as you want.
4. Blue jeans.
5. You can love or hate books like The Shack, or The DaVinci Code, but they're not forbidden.
6. We have real cowboys.
7. And Indians.
8. You can freely mock the President. I think we take that for granted.
9. The Freedom of Information Act. Our government will actually give you information about itself.
10. You can send a letter to any one of over 111 million homes, and it will be delivered to precisely the right one in only about two days, for just 42 cents.
11. New England clam chowder.
12. Alaska and Hawaii.
13. You can have as many children as you want.
14. Libraries. All the free books you can read. (6 at a time.)
15. Thanksgiving Day.
16. The Bill of Rights.
17. You can paint your house any color you want. Unless of course you live in a California homeowner's association.
18. Baseball.
19. An efficient sewage system.
20. Microsoft and Apple. (Like I would link to Microsoft.)
22. Jazz.
23. Gospel music.
24. Rock 'n Roll.
24. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."


Kansas Bob said…
#24 sums it all up!
I got to #17 and started to think, WHAT? you can paint your house any color you want? then I read the rest. Obviously I live in CA....
j a n said…
Hey, thanks for the link! Hope you had a great weekend!

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