Reason #2 Why I Love Nebraska

This town: Kearney. It's where I've lived for the last eight years, and the place I will say goodbye to in four short weeks. Many things about this town drive me crazy. But many things don't. I choose to focus on the things that don't.

1.) You can talk to a complete stranger for 5 minutes while waiting for pizza at Valentino's, and it doesn't feel weird. (Just did that tonight.)

2.) Everywhere you go takes 15 minutes.

3.) I love that I found a place to live within walking distance of where I work, walking distance of my grocery store, AND walking distance of a recycling center.

4.) Barista's Daily Grind. Yum.

5.) Redmond's, the best shoe store ever. So small and old school they don't even have a website.

6.) When we have a tornado it's all we talk about for the next 3 days. And 15 people call you to see if you are okay.

7.) I don't know why I love this so much, but I love that my dumpster gets blown away every time it's windy and storms, and my neighbor Tom always puts it back.

8.) I used to work at this company. There are so many people that work or have worked there that I now work with two of them at my current job. And I almost always see one other former colleague from said company each week, whether it's at Target, a gas station or elsewhere.

9.) The Sandhill Cranes

10.) The best place to get a raspberry ale, whose raspberries where grown by a friend of mine.


Friar Tuck said…
Where are you moving too?
stephanie said…
St. Louis, to go to seminary. How are things at your new digs?

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