I'm in a pop culture mood this week...

I heard Coldplay was making a "comeback" (the quotation marks are tongue in cheek ... doesn't it seem like all albums are comebacks?). I wondered if Gwyneth was yoko-ing the group, or if there was something else was going on.

I have a love/hate relationship with Coldplay. Some of their music I dig. And I dug it before they got really big. Yellow rocks my sauce. Fix You indulges the co-dependant in me, and I looooove "The Scientist". But Clocks was overdone and Don't Panic just bugged me. The bigger they got, the more they felt pretentious. Then their music felt pretentious... so I stopped listening. Who knows if I'll start again. Here's here the point of my post:

Has anyone seen this commercial? Viva La Vida?

I'm getting this epic feeling... like they are going to hit U2 status. Which frightens me a little, because you don't mess with my U2. No one is a good as them. (Maybe it's just the commonality of the itunes endorsements). But Viva La Vida is a song I'm kinda diggin'.

But you're not U2 yet, Coldplay. Not even close. Stop messing with my head!


No one can touch U2. I like Coldplay but they are - well Coldplay. I can't listen to Green Eyes anymore, my ex.love used to sing it for me on his guitar. :(
stephanie said…
Yeah, they are to me kinda like Bruce is to you.
steph! said…
I feel the same way about Coldplay, but the way I feel about the commercial is the way I feel about the recent U2 stuff, overcomercialized, used in everything, we're bigger than anything shit.
meredith said…
okay...coldplay has always rocked my sauce. i am a coldplay fan, always have & always will.

i, too, am a gwyneth fan. i know many, many people do not like her, she seems like she is so upper crust, my life is better than yours type of person. we would not be friends-yet, still a huge fan.

There will never be another u2--but there is something about musicians that aren't afraid to break out of the box & not conform to what they KNOW will sell. it would be very easy to make more music like that of what made them huge, but instead, they find new & different ways to express their artsy-fartsy-ness...

even if they think they are better than me, i still love them.

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