Two summers ago I discovered what a reality show junkie I could be when I discovered So You Think You Can Dance. (Incidentally I haven't watched American Idol in two years... so does that mean it balances out? I think it's been two years. I don't know. I stopped watching when Taylor Hicks won. And I actually kinda liked him. I know... *shame*)

The format for SYTYCD is like this: the show producers and judges choose a top 20 after auditions - 10 guys and 10 girls. Then get paired up making sure that none of the couples together specialize in the same type of dance. Each week they draw a style from a hat, then have two days to learn a dance in that style.

Many of the couples this year are really, really good. But I do have two favorite couples so far. Couple 1 is Josh and Katee (Josh specializes in hip-hop dancing and Katee is a jazz dancer.)

The second couple includes a popper and a contemporary dancer, Kherington and Twich.

I'm sorry for the Celine Dion music. My ears are typically a Celine-free zone, but despite all that the dance is really touching.

I also really loved this dance below. The choreographer said "it's what it would be like if Tim Burton got married". Awesome.

Fox tends to take these down right away, so don't be surprised if the links are broken after a few days.

Also, The Evolution of Dance from a comedic perspective:

It's hits it's stride about 3:00, but I probably only think that because that's when my era of music starts. (Ice, Ice Baby rocks my sauce.)

So this is my summer guilty pleasure and my shameful admission for the week. What can I say? I am what I am. Ooo! Pop culture quote, anyone? Who said it?


I try to avoid reality TV like the plague. If I want reality I'll just go outside, LOL.

My wife is a serious American Idol addict, and she about swore off AI after Taylor Hicks too. She also likes Nashville Star, Can You Duet, and Dance show you like.

She even started watching Juvies on MTV (the only show that is watched on MTV), and said... Shane you should watch this. I'm like, I get that at work, why in the world would I want to watch it on TV?

Oh well, to each their own. I know she feels the same away about my blogging.
stephanie said…
To each his own, I guess! Is it weird that I like the show and blog? :)

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