A good friend of mine from college started a vlog a while back and introduced "Dramatic Reading Wednesday", where he recites lyrics from ridiculous songs in a very earnest and sincere way. Only Craig can make it as funny as it is.

I requested Milkshake for this week. (And steph!!! is the only one who reads this blog who knows just how much this song cracks me up.) So I give to you a dramatic reading of My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard.


steph! said…
That was awesome. Thank you for posting it!!! You rock.
rubyslipperlady said…
Craig is a riot and now I have to go find his vlog. Haven't heard from him in long time. Is this from the day (way, way back) when Sara Mac read MmmBop?

stephanie said…
Sara Mac read MmmmBop? Dear God, I cannot believe I missed that. Now my life will never be complete.

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