Pop Culture Quote Monday

It's a movie this time...

Noelle: Disappointment doesn't kill
Abby: Right... rejection kills. Disappointment only maims.


ptg said…
The '96 movie: The Truth about Cats and Dogs. Uma Thurman said it as Noelle, who also said, "You gotta have a boyfriend, don't you? Otherwise it's just you and a cat and before you know, 40 candles on your birthday cake."

Was it a contest?
stephanie said…
You are right!

Well, I've been wondering about making it a contest. I thought I would do them every Monday (this is the third week) ... but what do you give away to people online - some who you don't know and have never met?

Any suggestions?
ptg said…
Who needs a prize? Its fun and provides a good reason to read your blog more often. In spite of being a cantankerous, opinionated old guy, I enjoy following your journey of faith.
stephanie said…
Thank you. That's a high compliment from a cantankerous, opinionated old guy.


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