I’ve kept you long past our expiration date.

You see, INFJs tend to do that. Because connection with others is like the white buffalo for us, we will often fight tooth and nail to keep that someone we connect with in our lives. Even when it’s unhealthy… Or one-sided...Or all about them.

But I want to keep them.

Says my inner self, who has never been known for her good decisions.

[She’s never been good at letting go, either]

Did you know that a keep is a tower built within the walls of castles during the Middle Ages? They were used as a refuge of last resort should the rest of the castle fall to an enemy.

“Last resort.” Yeah. Ok. I get it.

I guess I could keep them as a last resort, if nothing else works. But sheesh. Do you have to be so obvious, heart head?

Have you ever heard that phrase, “I just can’t quit you”?

That’s how I feel every day.

I’ve kept you long past our expiration date. I don’t care how sour the milk tastes. I love having you around.

But I love all kinds of things that aren’t good for me.

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blestbutstrest said…
I love the imagery of a castle keep--the last place of safety. I'm probably too good at letting go and not investing enough before I do let go ;).
Melinda Hollis said…
That's really good. I like that image of the castle.

Your whole post reminds me of Lisa Whelchel's book that's called Friendship for Grownups. When I read that, I realized that I have some pretty good friends, and the friend that I was trying to hang on to, wasn't one of them. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, you have a good post. Thank you for your words.

(visiting from FMF)
Andrew said…
Good post. I try to hang on too long as well, and have humiliated myself often.

Loved the image of the keep; kind of like the church at the Alamo. Last place to go; no way out.

And I'm here from FMF.
martha68 said…
great post stephanie! i'll be thinking about this one for awhile! i didn't know about that other meaning of the word "keep." very meaningful! thanks.
Donna Stone said…
I hear you. Good post. This will make me think a bit!

visiting from five minute friday
Julie Lefebure said…
Thank you for your words and for your take on the word KEEP. Great thoughts... makes me ponder today. Have a great weekend!
Tanya Anurag said…
Isn't it what all of us do? We keep reliving the memories of sad pasts, knowing that it's gonna only bring more pain and sorrow. Time for us to push it to that distant corner, where it gets difficult to reach.

You FMF friend,

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