Women in the Church

N.T. Wright is a highly regarding theologian in the PCA/EPC circle in which I now run. As many times, since I've been in St. Louis, that I've heard arguments against women leading in the church, I was shocked to find Wright's position on this considering his fame in such a traditional circle.

Wright has connections to the Anglican church, a denomination known for it's liberal stance on several main issues including pacifism, view of scripture, etc. (J.I. Packer left the Anglican church, FYI, just last year). I realize within every denomination there is typical a far left and a far right. But knowing the regard people around here have for Wright, I am curious as to what they would say about this video.

Because it kinda makes me want to stand up and cheer.


meredith said…
WOW! I am standing up & cheering right now! This is great.

Wouldn't a long lunch be great with him? If only.
ptg said…
So you are running in circles these days, eh?
stephanie said…
I've been running in circles my whole life, ptg. My whole life.
Kansas Bob said…
I loved what Wright says in the vid and I am cheering with you Stephanie!
Friar Tuck said…
I still don't understand why if you are in any way called to be a woman in ministry, why you continue to attend a place that does not support your call.
stephanie said…
Reason #1 - I am not called to the pulpit. I never was, and have no desire to be called that way. What you do at the pulpit is way too much responsibility that I just don't want. The PCA denomination has several churches that ordain women, however, and while many of the professors at CTS disagree with doing this, there are also some that agree. If there is anything I've learned in my last nine years of ministry it's that when you surround yourself with people just like you, you won't be challenged in your thinking. And I like to be challenged. Critical thinking is a lost art, and I find myself doing it best when around those who force me to think in a new way, and make me stand and defend the position I hold on the issues.

Reason #2 - I am called to teach in the church. Therefore, I want the best education possible. The Educational Ministries master's degree at CTS is unparalleled, and the EPC denomination where I currently work has a more progressive view of women teaching adult men in the church than the right side of the PCA.

Reason #3 - I prefer to stay and fight, rather than flee. See this post. I believe it's best to stay and try to affect change. It may be hard, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

That enough reasons?

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