Reason #5 Why I Love Nebraska

Because it's home.


meredith said…
love the new layout & pic...very cool. how did the move go? are you getting settled?
Kansas Bob said…
Cool new pic.. new state = new pic?
stephanie said…

New state... new pic... it was time for a new layout.

And this post seemed particularly appropriate because Creve Coeur is french for broken heart.

Thus, the photo on this post.
steph! said…
Oh Steph, that breaks my heart too! I know it's really hard, and really sucky, but you are such an amazing person, and think of all the other amazing people you are going to meet on this journey. I Love you TONS and I know you are going to rock their sauce.
Scott said…
Experience says: You always miss Nebraska.

What can I say, it's a heckuva state?

Missouri's nice too, though...give it a chance. :)

Hang in there...seminary can be downright overwhelming at first.
stephanie said…
I love my friends. You guys are wonderful.

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