Antiboidics and Pantry Beetles

My visit to the doctor confirmed that while I do not have strep, I should not be around people. So I'm pouting, staying at home today, despite feeling pretty good. I just have a sore throat with yucky white specks. Blech.

One of the lovely things that greeted me when I returned from vacation was pantry beetles. It's the grossest, more revolting thing I've encountered in a long time. I threw everything but my canned goods out, vacuumed, then scrubbed everything twice. And I still have the willies. So my kitchen is a disaster. Nothing has gone back in the cabinets yet. I'm just not ready. Yuck. I know that it's common, and typically enter the home through a product purchased at the store. But I still feel like the worst housekeeper in the world right now. And I'm just... so grossed out.

Welcome back, me.


Kansas Bob said…
Look on the bright side.. at least you can't communicate the illness or the beetles to your buddies in blogdom :)

Hope recovery comes quickly!
ptg said…
Bugs have a place in the scheme of things, I guess. That place isn't in the house.
steph! said…
Ugh, I know the feeling. You feel dirty even though you know you're not. And I've been to your house. You are very clean.
Barbara said…
I left a comment but it didn't work! Instead of rewriting I will just say sorry you are sick and can relate about the gross bugs!
stephanie said…
KB - always lookin' on the bright side.

prg - amen, brother!

steph! - Thank you. You are sweet.

Barbara - No one should have to relate. They all just need to go away! Now.
rubyslipperlady said…
I feel your pain. LasT night while writing a letter home a half-dead bug fell from my ceiling and landed next to me on the sofa. I almost threw up. Not to mention the time I went into my bathroom at 4am and just happened to turn on the light to see a roach the size of Maine on my sink. SEriously. I want to throw up just thinking about it now.

Life is different here. You grin and bear it, flick it on the floor to be swept up in a bit and just keep sitting on the couch.
stephanie said…
Ew! My dear missionary friend, I am so sorry... You are made of much stronger stuff than me.

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