The Huskers and OJ

The Colorado/Nebraska game is this Friday. I cannot even remember a time when we didn't play this team the day after Thanksgiving, nor can I remember a time when they were acually a team I enjoyed watching play the Huskers.(Be gone, oranges on the field!)

One of the benefits of reading some Nebraska blogs is they often link to other blogs, one I hadn't crossed before. Read this joke to enjoy a good poke at the Buffs. Warning: offensive language. The joke is funny enough for me to still link to it, though.

That being said, please don't read anything else on the blog. It makes us Nebraskans look...well.. ignorant.

On the pop culture side - what the heck is OJ thinking? What an idiot.


Andy and Lesa said…
My best college football experience was with you, Steph, when you got those tickets to the commander-in-chief trophy game at the Air Force Academy. Good times!
stephanie said…
Awww... that was a good game. I'm honored to be part of that favorite memory of yours.

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