I feel my heart bursting out of my chest and suddenly I cannot stop myself. The words pour out of me,racing from my brain to my heart to the fingers and onto my computer and 

It's like I just threw up.

I long for those burstings. Those moments I just cannot contains and words are so important, feelings too explosive, and meaning too valuable to stay inside me. To be inspired is far too often a rare thing for me, to be inspiring is what I long for all day long. 

For inspiration to hit... for it to fall through me like a rock falling off a 20 story building... it can be unstoppable.

Which also means it can hurt.

I've had moments where my words are pain to others. Nights where my heart has rushed out onto my computer screen and the next thing I know, I've undone a friendship. 

Where is the line between letting my words speak the truth and keeping those words contained? Where is that place where I can be certain that this inspiration is something that must come out... but won't offend?

Does such a place of inspiring exist?

This post is part of Five Minute Friday, a link up of posts doing a five minute fee write on a prompt word. This week's word is "inspire".


Paula Kiger said…
I love it and feel like I've been in exactly that place.
Andrew said…
Dude, when you said it's almost like you puked, y'all had me.

I puke for real several times a day, and the viscerality of the act connecting with the emotional catharsis of a good writing jam...just perfect.

#1 at FMF this week.
Christy said…
Oh Stephanie! Me too! So many times! I feel like my words often stir up so much more trouble than they help. 52 years. Some day's I feel like I'm finally learning to let go and then I'll do it again! UGH!

Christy Over at the 24 spot today.
Susan Shipe said…
Truth does have a way of convicting the saint or condemning the sinner. So.Be.It.
Stephanie, I love this tension: you are on the verge of channeling the deluge into great purpose. Those who listen with curiosity are meant to stick. Sometimes the letting go really stinks though. In the tension with you.

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