Why Be Vulnerable?

I’m good a keeping people at arms length. I’m fully aware of how this isn’t healthy behavior, but over years and years of getting hurt, I’ve found keeping people at arms length to be my survival technique.

My fear of being hurt can be controlled by me – by how close I let people get.

So as I think about chipping away at this wall, of letting go of this control, I cannot help but ask myself why? Why do I have to do this? Why is it important to be vulnerable with others? Why do I need to? What are the benefits?

Any thoughts?


Kansas Bob said…
Here are a few thoughts Stephanie:

+ Love requires vulnerability. Love without vulnerability is fairly superficial.

+ Unhealthy fear is not a good reason to do or not do anything.

+ Vulnerability is the way that we connect heart to heart.

+ Great outcomes sometimes require great risk.

No great words.. just a few thoughts for your consideration.

Blessings, Bob
stephanie said…
Thanks for reposting your comments here, Bob. I appreciate it. I'm still processing this... hopefully I have more thoughts on it later.

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