I have been so busy and pressed for time these last few weeks, that I have literally been building a list of topics I want to write about, think about and explore. (And this is nothing compared to me "to do" list, both at home and at work. Seriously, I just took my Christmas decorations down last night).

Anyway, here's my list:

1.) Types of Growth - Jesus.

2.) Faith, politics and the new conservative.

3.) Growth: Being challenged in a healthy, wonderful ways by friends who believe differently than you.

4.) The movie Waitress

5.) Barack Obama on faith (I'm reading his book The Audacity of Hope right now.)

6.) This sentence I read in a book a couple of weeks ago Proximity is not equal to intimacy.

7.) The beauty of connection (which goes along with #3).

I just got home for the night right now and am too tired to start writing, but I want to so badly. They say creativity is as close to insanity as anything else. I think I'm beginning to understand what that means.

How about you? Any topics you want to write about or want me to write about?


Kansas Bob said…
I am interested in your take on Obama and his book.. also would like to hear your thoughts on "the new conservative".
Landon Whitsitt said…
nice list. very nice.
Very interesting list. I too am interested in what you glean from Obama's book and new conservatism. It is on the horizon. You can see it with younger evangelicals.
stephanie said…
Looks like I have my work cut out for me...
meredith said…
dittos on all the comments. i am eagerly awaiting your next blog!!

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