Something to Laugh About?


Here is their apology:

Note their lack of eye contact with the camera, the flippant attitude and the all-around dismissal of their behavior. It makes me sad.


Steph said…
So, let me get this straight - the fact that he has an uncle named "Hoe" (which I might point out they probably wouldn't have noticed if he was Chinese) was so incredibly funny that it overrode the seriousness of someone being so desperately unhappy that they feel that the only option is to take their own life. Lame. Sad. Even I think it's immature (and that's saying a lot!)
stephanie said…
You've come out of lurkdom! Yea!

Anyone willing to wear is 3" wide gold lamé belt and giant turquoise earrings in public is just mature enough for me.

That said, the whole situation disgusts me and Owen Wilson, celebrity or not, deserves much better.

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